Smart Card IC typically utilizes one or more of the following types of memory: RAM, ROM, PROM, and EEPROM, embedded on a die that contains the CPU
and Control Logic. Significant system overhead is required to manage these different types of memory.




Smart Card

SRAM Replacement



EMRAM as Embedded Memory on Smart Card IC

As embedded memory on Smart Card IC, EMRAM is a high performance yet low cost alternative:

  • Improves IC performance by utilizing a single fast non-volatile memory architecture.

  • Lowers IC cost by enabling a significantly smaller die.

  • Lowers operating and set up cost by enabling application coding flexibility and easy version upgrades.

  • Lowers inventory and design cost by enabling the consolidation of IC designs.

Key Features


  • Very Fast Read & Write
    Read and write times are typically less than 50ns.

  • Data Storage Endurance
    - EMRAM is non-volatile, and retains data ad infinitum.

  • Read/Write Endurance
    - With an infinite endurance theoretically, EMRAM has been tested to endure > 1015 Read / Write cycles.

  • Simple Memory Management
    - EMRAM uses a single Voltage for Read / Write.
    - It has a random addressable data structure.

  • Enables Coding Flexibility
    - Read-Only sectors are created post IC fabrication during programming. Application codes need not be designed into the machine code of the IC.

  • Smallest Silicon Footprint
    - When embedded, EMRAM layers sit on top of the Logic IC. This could reduce chip surface area by up to 50%, significantly increasing the number of chips per wafer, and lowering unit cost as a result.
    - With an 1T-16bit architecture, EMRAM takes up significantly less space than SRAM and EEPROM.
  • Low Power

  • Radiation Hardened

  • Elevated Temperature Endurance
    - EMRAM storage layers are stable beyond 200˚C with compatible silicon substrates.


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