Embedded Memories are found in microprocessors, micro-controllers and SoC applications. In addition to enhancing systems memory performance, embedded EMRAM’s major advantage over other embedded memory types is significant cost reduction. With eEMRAM, SoCs that previously are not practical due to engineering and cost/yield concerns will become viable.       


EMRAM as Embedded Memory on Systems-on-a-Chip [SOC]


  • Smallest silicon footprint per die.
    - EMRAM is made up of a memory controller and EMRAM storage elements. The controller is integrated into the logic portion while the EMRAM storage elements are built on top of the logic via a special metallization process.
    - To increase memory capacity further, up to 2 additional EMRAM storage layers can be added onto the basic EMRAM IC.

  • Does not require n-wells on p-substrates
    - Different from other embedded memories that require n-wells on a p-substrate, EMRAM is made up of metallic layers that sit on top of the memory controller (psubstrate).

  • Short manufacturing cycle
    - As the EMRAM controller is integrated into the logic, only additional time required to complete the EMRAM storage layers is less than 3 days.

  • Compatible with CMOS, BiPolar, GaAs, SOI and more

  • One EMRAM replaces ROM, SRAM, DRAM, EEPROM and FLASH

  • Very fast Read & Write
    - Write less than 2ns. Cycle time 50ns.

  • Non-volatile, excellent data storage endurance
    - EMRAM is non-volatile, and retains data ad infinitum.

  • Read/Write endurance
    - With an infinite endurance theoretically, EMRAM has demonstrated endurance of more than 1015 read / write cycles.

  • Elevated temperature endurance
    - EMRAM storage layers are stable beyond 300˚C with compatible silicon substrates.

  • Low power

  • Radiation hardened


















































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